(English) 5 Istanbul Tips by a Local

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  • Simone Gasser dedi ki:

    My boyfriend (who is too nice for his own good) totally fell for number 4!
    As for the taxis, another popular scam is that they will tell you there is a “problem” (oh how Turks seem to love that word!) with traffic and they need to take a long way around. If you hear this, get out immediately. I have been told that, took a dolmus instead on my desired route and the was no problem at all!
    My advice for the Grand Bazaar: Don’t go there in a hurry, take your time. Also chat a little with the shop owners – it’s not just about the sell, you are a big part of their social life 🙂 But remember that most goods can be bought at several shops, so don’t feel desperate to buy something at the first shop you see, it will impair your haggling abilities.

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