Garden Sale: a design festival and much more

Girl looking through box for vintage items for Istanbul's Garden Sale

Keep calm if you are suffering from post-summer blues: Istanbul offers a busy schedule in October too as there are many events to choose from. We have already marked our calendars for Garden Sale, which will take place at Küçükçiftlik Park on October 10-11.

The ultimate event and shopping haven for design lovers, Garden Sale is a fun and laid back event where you can discover more than 70 designers (such as ArtZula’s t-shirts). You can find almost anything at the festival: vintage objects, accessories, flowers and furniture design, vinyl records and so on. Not interested in shopping? Attend one of the many workshops (creativity for kids, mandala, notebook making, etc.) and movie screenings, join the book or clothing swap, or just lie on the grass and enjoy listening to street musicians. Finally, don’t leave too early as there will be surprise performances later in the day.

Poster of Garden Sale 2015 People chilling on Küçükçiftlik Park's grass during Garden Sale

You can get your Garden Sale tickets here.
We’re giving out 5 invitations for Garden Sale: click on the side Facebook icon to share this article then email saying “I did!”. We will randomly choose 5 people tomorrow at midnight.

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  • Joseph says:

    Congrats to the winners: Hande Gokoglu, Malaika Parmigiani, Elif Godek Kaya, Nilay Yanardag, Duygu Keser.

    We left a little present for you at ArtZula’s booth 🙂
    Enjoy Garden Sale!

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