Kedi: Istanbul Through Feline Eyes

Ceyda Torun with her cats on the top of Istanbul

It’s early in the morning in Galata and a ginger cat runs rapidly through the streets. For the next few minutes the camera follows its rapid movements as it scavenges for food and then curls up comfortably on a chair inside a boutique it has claimed as its resting territory.

This is only one of the seven protagonists in “Kedi,” a documentary by Ceyda Torun, which could best be described as a loving ode to the city’s street cats and the people who care for them deeply. Many beautiful stories unravel in the simple light of daily routine, as we’re reminded how cats are as integral to the city’s identity as its residents.

Cats of Istanbul, photo from Kedi documentary

Whether it’s a man who feeds the cats in his neighborhood on a daily basis as a form of therapy or how the furry mascot of an organic market makes everyone smile, Kedi spans various neighborhoods and urban cultures using the four-legged protagonist as a tool to explore personal stories.

If you’ve never been to Istanbul, you’ll get a bird’s (cat’s?) eye view of the city and its cat loving people. If you know the city well, you’ll find yourself relating to the special relationship between these almost mystic creatures and the people who lovingly protect them.

kedi-foto1    kedi-foto2

You can see Kedi at a special screening on Wednesday, June 7th. More info here:

The film will be released in all of Turkey very soon (no set date yet).

For more information about Kedi, visit the official website:

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