Gaios Design: Handmade headpieces

Gaios Design: Handmade headpieces

A beautiful headpiece spices up even the most ordinary look yet it can be pretty hard to find. Dilan Sayraç thought the same, so three years ago she rolled up her sleeves and started making headpieces. That’s how Gaios Design was born.

Fruit print and velvet headbands, jeweled hair combs, embroidered turbans, hats, floral and pearl head wreaths… It’s unlikely to leave Gaios empty handed, whatever your purpose or style.

You can shop online or visit the atelier in Arnavutköy if you want to customize your headpiece. Here its color and coating can be changed or the tulle or netting can be adjusted.

Last but not least: Gaios is now also making wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. They’re new in this area but we’ve already been seduced by their Instagram photos.

Gaios_foto2 Gaios_foto1

Gaios Design
Bebek Cad. Ayşe Hanım Apt. No: 9/2, Beşiktaş – (0212) 257 15 16
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00-19:30, closed on Sunday


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