Tohum’s New Winter Collections

Girl sitting by tree with Tohum piece on

It’s December already and while some may feel festive with the anticipation of Christmas and New Year’s, many of us feel a little down with the sun leaving us way too early in the day and the cold starting to show its spiteful nature. And yet we do not succumb to darkness but find ways to cheer ourselves up.

With positivity, inspiration and a love of nature at its core, Verda Alaton’s handmade jewelry brand Tohum welcomes the season with two new collections. The new Terra Collection features handmade leather bracelets that come with either silver or gold-plated accessories. The Terra Sequoia, inspired by the world’s tallest tree sequoia and its energy of protection and balance, is our favorite.

The other welcomed addition to Tohum is the new Home Collection featuring beautiful talismans.  These handcrafted talismans combine the purity and positive energy of natural stones with the protective power of Anatolian horns and the prosperity of handmade leather knots in a contemporary form. Verda also creates custom-made jewelry, made with natural stones that she collects throughout her travels.

One last thing: if you want a piece to completely match your personality, contact Verda and she’ll design it for you.

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Tohum Design pieces are sold at Beymen Zorlu. If you’d like to visit Verda’s showroom in Nişantaşı or want to order a custom-made piece, you can contact her at

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