Best Female Contemporary Jewelry Designers

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There is something about jewelry that separates it from all other items we put on ourselves. The right ring or the right necklace can somehow become a part of our identity, reflecting who we really are. But of course that only happens when the piece of jewelry has been created by skillful hands and a creative soul. If you’re in search of a unique piece of jewelry, check out the works of Istanbul’s best female contemporary designers:


Yeşim Yüksek – Alef

Yeşim Yüksek – Alef

Traditional goldsmith techniques are used to create elegant pieces of jewelry that blend classic and contemporary styles. The heart and soul of these statement pieces is designer and goldsmith Yeşim Yüksek, whose passion for jewelry had led her to take up an apprenticeship with a master goldsmith in İzmir years ago. Her creativity and dedication have been presented in her works at Alef since 2005. Blue topaz, aquamarine, smoky quartz, and onyx are some of Yüksek’s favorites that adorn her pieces. Two of her pieces, “Gothic Bride” and “Deco Bride,” were included in Lark Books’ “500 Wedding Rings” and “21stCentury Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series” among the most significant 80 artists in the world.


Verda Alaton – Tohum

Verda Alaton – Tohum

Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature as well as ethnic arts, especially African cultures, Verda Alaton designs unique jewelry in gold and silver, often carrying semi-precious stones in their natural shapes.  She won the Red Dot – Design Concept – Award and the A/’Design Award in 2015 for her Cycles Ring. She also won the 2015 ELLE Style Award for “Jewelry Designer of the Year” in Turkey.


Zeynep Erol

Zeynep Erol

With an intensive education on traditional jewelry making and metal techniques, Erol’s decades-long passion for jewelry design still results in unique, contemporary items. Her work reflects her spiritual side as well, and she often uses stones with healing qualities in her designs. Her simple geometric designs are our favorite.


Ela Cindoruk & Nazan Pak – ECNP

Ela Cindoruk and Nazan Pak – ECNP

Cindoruk and Pak have been partners since 1989, creating simple, modern, geometric pieces. They have both exhibited their works internationally over the years, and Pak received the Red Dot Design Award in 2012.


Yeşim Yüksek – Alef: Hacı Emin Efendi Sk. No:4, Teşvikiye; Phone: (0212) 241 35 58

Verda Alaton – Tohum: Contact Verda Alaton at 0212 296 05 21 or to make an appointment to see her work in her showroom. Tohum Design is available at several stores in Istanbul. Click here to see the full list.

Zeynep Erol: Atiye Sokak Yuva Apt. 8/3, Tesvikiye; Phone: 0212 236 46 68. For a list of all stores carrying Erol’s designs, click here.

Ela Cindoruk and Nazan Pak – ECNP: Ahmet Fetgari Sokak No:56, Teşvikiye; Phone: (0212) 219 62 92

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