Zanaat Atelye: a hidden heaven in Tophane

Zanaat Atelye, the hidden café in the heart of Istanbul
We love the authentic atmosphere of Tophane but normally prefer other districts to find serenity in the city. Actually we preferrED. Always full of surprises, Tophane has done it again and introduced Zanaat Atelye, our new favorite spot to escape Istanbul’s chaos.

Zanaat Atelye is a café, a museum and an atelier (as the name tells). The café, inhabiting the garden of a former French orphanage, has a unique setting that makes you feel like you are both in and out of the city. After taking a stroll around the neighborhood, enjoy serpme kahvaltı or have coffee under the trees while taking a glance at the mini farm nearby.

You have one more reason to visit Zanaat Atelye: it is the city’s only plaster cast museum. At the atelier of master craftsman Kemal Cinbiz, you can see original molds embellishing historical buildings in Istanbul (Pera Palace and Yıldız Palace are just two of them).

Enter Zanaat Atelye from this building front in Tophane     The inside of Zanaat Atelye makes you feel like you are not in the city

Zanaat Atelye
Tomtom Mah., Boğazkesen Cd. No: 65 – (0212) 249 80 75 (map here)

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