Volt: the traffic killer app

Girls sharing a car ride thanks to the Volt app

Could YOU be the solution to Istanbul’s traffic problem?

Last month we told you about 5 must-have mobile apps to help you navigate Istanbul. Well, as soon as we published that piece, we discovered a new app that’s taking such a new approach (hello Sharing Economy) to solving the nightmare we call “Istanbul traffic” that it totally deserves its own article.

The idea behind the Volt app is simple:
1) Every day an average Istanbulite spends 2 hours in traffic,
2) 80% of cars only have one person in them – the driver – so that leaves A LOT of empty seats.

The app connects commuters in order to alleviate the traffic problem.

If you are a driver, log your route into the app and pick up a passenger who wants to travel the same.  Pick up one passenger each day and you could earn up to 400 TL per month!  If you are a passenger, you can commute safely by car for an amount that’s way less than regular taxis. For instance, Karaköy to Bebek is only 6 TLs.

Last but not least: both driver and passenger can feel safe using the app because thanks to a little gizmo called “Communities:” the app confirms the address, work, school and such info provided by users. After each trip the driver and passenger can do a survey to further increase safety. All there is left to do is enjoy your low cost trip or make a few bucks for the drive that you’re making anyway.

Screenshot of the Volt app     Screenshot of the Volt app

More info on Volt’s website
Download the app: Android / iPhone

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