Zipcar: Having a car without buying one

Girls driving away in a Zipcar vehicle

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Imagine a world where you have a car but pay no taxes or monthly installments.

A world where you don’t have to worry about gas or insurance.

A world where you can have a car without having to own it.

Let us introduce you to Zipcar.

First established in the U.S. in 2000 as a car sharing system, Zipcar has spread to the four corners of the world and has been used by nearly 1 million people. Sure, the idea of sharing a car might sound a little odd at first, but here is how it works: You reserve a car from the Zipcar website or mobile app (hourly or daily, depending on your needs), pick it up from your desired Zipcar location, open the door with your Zipcar membership card, start the car with the key that was left for you inside the torpedo, and leave the car where you picked it up from once you’re done.

No more excuses for not being able to run at the Belgrad Forest or have fish in Yeniköy because you don’t have a car! So, where do you want to explore this weekend?

P.S: Zipcar is giving away to all Canim Istanbul readers a free one-year membership (worth 75TL). Just click here and use the code: canimzipcar.

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