Great Istanbul Instagram accounts you should follow – Part 2

Canım kız instagram illüstrasyon

Some of our readers may recall this newsletter from last year where we shared our six favorite Istanbul Instagram accounts.

Meanwhile Instagram has gotten a big makeover and witnessed Snapchat’s increasing popularity. Although we miss the old days of Instagram, it is still one of our favorite platforms to discover the city.

Today we suggest ten more Istanbul Instagram accounts to follow, which cover various fields from gastronomy to street art.


Photo from @mahallemoda instagram account

Besides new openings and events in the neighborhood, this account shares unique shots of Istanbul’s thriving district Moda.


Photo from @istanbulokurken account

Do not be surprised if someone asks to take a picture of you while reading on the subway. Istanbul Okurken’s team documents what Istanbulites read on public transportation.



Istanbul ferry from @vapuring instagram account

Both amateur and professional photographers share scenic images of ferry (vapur) rides. Use the hashtag #vapuring to be featured.



Artichokes with purple flower from Istanbul food Instagram

What it would look like if the Grand Bazaar was featured in Christopher Nolan’s Inception? Aydın Büyüktaş uses an aerial drone to photograph the city and 3D software to turn it upside down.



Collage from @emreonacak instagram account

Art director Emre Onacak reinterprets Istanbul by using his imagination and tells a single story in multiple shots.



Street art from @boyalieller instagram account

Whether you noticed it or not, you have probably come across the works of Boyalı Eller while wandering around the city. Follow Turkey’s first graffiti agency to discover the most colorful streets of Istanbul.




Follow Tuba Şatana to learn what’s in season, where to eat in the city (such as the best tradesmen restaurants) and much more about Istanbul’s food culture.



Street art from @mirayucar instagram account

A woman’s guide to Istanbul: Canım Istanbul’s community manager Miray Uçar discovers cool spots and events in town.



Photo of Istanbul Ortaköy mosk from @kucukmartha instagram account

Looking for an escape from all the hustle and bustle? Follow foodie Özüm Kasapoğlu who organizes culinary tours and shares travel guides.



Photo from @canimistanbul instagram account

Last but not least, our own Instagram account where we help you keep your finger on Istanbul’s creative pulse, whether we post about a new cocktail bar, an offbeat activity, a hip concept store, creative illustrations and much more.

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