Ready to fly off with Kozmonot

Girl drinking beer at Kozmonot bar

Kozmonot, a cosmic-themed bar in Topağacı, is a leader in the trend of the new happening restaurant and bar scene changing the face of Nişantaşı. Standing apart from Nişantaşı’s more poshy venues, this space-themed pub has become the go-to place for an after-work drink, bringing to the neighborhood a young and hip crowd who enjoys the eclectic music and outdoor seating area late into the night. Kozmonot’s drinks menu plays a big part here: besides an extensive and creative cocktail list, there is a wide selection of American and German beers, not something we often find in Istanbul. So keep up with the theme and try the Sputnik or Buzz Aldrin cocktails. Houston, do you copy?

Photo of Kozmonot's outside seating area

Prof. Dr. Müfide Küley Sokak No. 1, Topağacı – (0212) 234 73 55
Hours: every day 10:00-0:00
Prices: drinks 10TL–30TL

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