JÜS Istanbul: unlock the power of green

JÜS bottles of cold-pressed juice made of fresh vegetables

You may think that the cold-pressed juice trend is just a temporary fad. Whether you are curious or skeptical about it, JÜS can answer your questions and clear the air.

Founder of JÜS, Aylin Erman realized the positive effects of a detox lifestyle on her body and mind while living in the U.S. eight years ago. She worked for well-known nutritionist Natalia Rose and learned the importance of drinking raw, unpasteurized cold-pressed green juices every single day. After years of thought and experience, Erman became a nutritionist herself, moved to Istanbul and founded JÜS.

JÜS uses mostly vegetables rather than fruits, which makes them unique. Drinking raw, cold-pressed vegetable juice prevents bloating and sugar rush, both caused by having a lot of fruit juice. It helps digestion as well. JÜS uses different ingredients like red cabbage, red pepper and turmeric. Every juice has its own purpose: Morning Glory with turmeric, for instance, is very good for the liver. So drink up!

Bottles of JÜS on Cihangir stairs      Inside JÜS's Cihangir location

You can order your cleanse package from JÜS Istanbul’s website or visit their shop in Cihangir.
Başkurt Sk. No: 34, Cihangir – (0212) 243 45 45
Hours: Monday 10:00-19:00, Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-16:00, closed on Sundays

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