Time for an outdoor yoga retreat

Girl doing yoga outside

So you want to do Sun Salutations but don’t want to put up with the usual cramped and sweaty yoga classes? We have the solution: take it outside and do your yoga in the forest while accompanied by the tweeting of birds.

If you would like to totally detox both body and mind, Juicy Mountain in Göcek is the place for you. During their one-week program you live exclusively on a variety of juices and smoothies made from locally grown produce and spend time doing yoga, meditating, playing ping-pong and going on mountain walks. Göçek is too far for you? Then try Naya. Located in Büyükada, this boutique hotel organizes yoga workshops in their large yard.

Those Sun Salutations now sound better, don’t they?

Juicy Mountain foto     Naya istanbul foto

Juicy Mountain Hotel – Gokceovacik Koyu, Fethiye
Naya Istanbul – Yılmaz Türk Cd. 96, Maden Mh., Büyükada

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