ArtZula’s cool t-shirts

Girl wearing an ArtZula t-shirt of a girl wearing an ArtZula t-shirt of a girl...

Haven’t you heard of ArtZula yet? This new online platform for visual arts and art products is home to thousands of designs by hundreds of artists. New designs are uploaded regularly on the website and the number of artists increases every day.

You can purchase any design you fancy printed on a t-shirt, on canvas, on a clock or as an art print. It’s a win-win situation: you get to wear these original designs or hang them on your walls, and the artists earn a share of the sale price without having to deal with production, shipping, etc. ArtZula, reminding us once again that art does not have to be expensive, creates space for many amateur and professional local artists’ works to be seen. To enjoy these cool t-shirts, all you have to do is visit their website. Make sure to also follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts for contests and new designs.

Speaking of giveaway… We made a few Canim Istanbul t-shirts (check them out here) and we’re giving away 10 of them for free. 2 options to enter the contest: click here to share this article on Facebook or head to our Instagram account and follow the instructions. Go!

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