Yuka: attention jewelry addicts

Girl wearing different jewels by Yuka

Güliz has done us all a huge favor by switching from art director to jewelry designer. In 2009, she started her own label Yuka, which has various collections that feature unique pieces made with silver, bronze, gold, bass and semi-precious stones, using traditional techniques as well as wax modeling. Inspired by nature, her innermost thoughts and life experiences, Güliz’s collections of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings often tell a personal story.

Her Brave collection, which features large pieces reminiscent of butterflies, is inspired by hallucinations she had at the hospital after a car accident; they are certainly not for the faint-hearted. Her Vintage collection is very lady-like, her Geometry collection is bohemian and trendy and her Organics collection is colorful and chic. So whether you like to make a statement or just complement your outfit with your accessories, you’ll find something that suits you at Yuka.

Blue and green ring by Yuka     Beautiful rings by Yuka

Showroom/atelier: Maçka Meydanı Sok. No:18/A, Maçka, Beşiktaş – (0212) 259 1099
Yuka products are also available on their website and at various shops, such as Vakkorama and Lunapark Shop –  click here for a full list of sales points

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