Petra Roasting Co: the right kind of coffee

girls cheering with a cup of Petra Roasted coffee

Looking for the perfect cup of coffee for you in Istanbul? Petra Coffee is here to help.

A long time Istanbul favorite, Petra Roasting Co was founded by a brother, his sister and a friend to evolve the experience of coffee lovers in the city. Petra Coffee is located inside the majestic Muse Istanbul/Bergsen&Bergsen Gallery in Gayrettepe, and we all know this is a place everyone secretly wishes was their real office. To up the ante among coffee enthusiasts, founder Kaan Bergsen says they employ only specialists who can match customers’ preferences with the right kind of coffee for the customer. With a selection of coffees from around the world, the options are endless and mesmerizing. And if you can’t make it to Gayrettepe, you can have the same experience in a special booth in Kanyon as well.

Mmmmm… the perfect coffee for me.

Founder Kaan Bergsen at his Petra Roasting  amazing coffee shop     Petra Roasting Co takım çalışıyor

Petra Roasting Co
Hoşsohbet Sk. Panorama Selenium Residence, Mağaza 1, Gayrettepe – (0212) 356 10 53
Hours: weekdays 09:30-19:00, weekend 10:00-22:00

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