Minoa: our new favorite bookstore

Girl reading a book and drinking coffee at Minoa bookstore

Next time you walk around in Akaretler (if there is such a thing), don’t get surprised if you see you see a bunch of people sitting in a bookstore hanging out with a cup of coffee. You are at Minoa, our new favorite bookstore. It combines café and a two-story bookstore just like the ones we see and envy in London or Paris. Their English language selection has some beautifully illustrated Penguin Hardcover Classics and works from notable authors of fiction (from Zadie Smith to J.D. Salinger). The atmosphere here is cool and cozy. Pick a book, order a sandwich or a (good) coffee, settle down on the terrace and let yourself drift off.

Book shelves at Minoa bookstore

Süleyman Seba Caddesi Park Apt. No:52/A, Beşiktaş(0212) 236 9452
Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:00-21:00, closed Sundays

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