LiT: yoga and healthy food all-in-one

Girl doing yoga and having tea at Karaköy LiT

After finishing her undergraduate studies in the US, Aylin Kasapoglu returned to Istanbul and started working in the family business – a lighting fixture showroom in Karaköy. However, as the area began to change from an industrial wholesale to an up-and-coming trendy area, Aylin started thinking of other plans. She thought of opening a “healthy food only” café. Oh, don’t yawn already, we can hear you thinking “Who needs ANOTHER café in Karaköy?”. Well, Aylin didn’t stop there. Being a dedicated yoga practitioner, she decided to make a yoga studio in the two-story building. Tadaa… the concept of ‘LiT‘ was born.

It’s a cool family business: while Aylin runs the place, her father goes to the Inebolu market every weekend to buy vegetables, bread and grains; and her mom helps with the daily menu. Their different types of vegetable soups have already attracted the attention of the neighboring offices. Our favorite: the collards soup. Although not labeled as vegetarian, LiT‘s cuisine doesn’t use any meat products while cooking. During the week, the yoga lessons take place above the café, usually at 7pm. Definitely check out Defne Suman‘s Shadow Yoga workshops (until April).

Photo of Karaköy LiT's beautifully designed yoga studioPhoto of LiT Karaköy's beautifully designed restaurant

LiT Karaköy
Bankalar Cad. No: 17, Karaköy – (0212) 252 5595

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