Inari Omakase: The Temple for Delicious Japanese Food

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Inari Omakase has been a Kuruçeşme hotspot during the four years that it’s been there. Now with its new and updated décor, it has a stronger pull than ever.

According to Japanese mythology, Inari is the goddess of fertility, rice, and tea, and is either represented as a white fox or a woman. Center stage in the restaurant’s new décor is a mesmerizing female silhouette hid behind a round, white foreground. Pastel colored seating around marble tables, a range of immaculate bonsai jotting out between ivy leaves, lantern-like Japanese umbrellas serving as lamps all come together to create an inviting, invigorating, and innovative space.

Much like the décor, the food is legendary here is as well. Executive Chef Barlas Günebak, with an extensive experience at Çırağan, Itsumi and Ioki, has been creating innovative sushi and dishes for Inari Omakase since its opening. The menu was upgraded during the renovation as well and our latest favorites include the duck tataki (with truffle), soft shell crab mini burger, corn kakigae (fried corn), suzuki carpaccio (with sea bass and crispy leek), aki roll, and kirohana roll. If you find it hard to make a decision, just ask the waiter for recommendations and let yourself be led to unknown territories.

Perhaps the biggest change here, besides the interior, is the omakase or the chef’s table. Small groups will now be able to enjoy a tasting menu created by the chef and go on a culinary adventure. Dare to delve into the world of fusion Japanese food and sushi, and remember to stick around after dinner for signature cocktails and live DJ performances.

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Kuruçeşme Mh Kuruçeşme Cd No:11 – 0212 265 96 01
Make sure you make reservations in advance if you’re going for dinner as the restaurant tends to fill up even on weeknights.


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