Içindekiler: 34 ingredients, one cookbook

Girl cooking with Içindekiler book

Whether you love or hate cooking, we have a cookbook that will drastically change your view of ingredients and recipes. Içindekiler, by food writer Cemre Narin and chef Begüm Atakan, is based on 34 ingredients, reinterpreted with original recipes that are inspiring to both novice and professional. With a belief that fresh ingredients are the basis for delicious food, recipes such as fig cheesecake with ginger or oven baked lamb with thyme and root vegetables animate every appetite. Beautiful photography by the famous Ahmet Ağaoğlu also allow the unique creations to shine through and inspire a new slew of conscious eating and adventurous taste combination. From the simple olive to the more complex giblet, kinoa to eggplant, semolina to fish, Içindekiler is a celebration of original palatal journeys for every kitchen.

Turkish cuisine book Içindekiler's coverIçindekiler, by Cemre Narin and Begüm Atakan, Yapı Kredi Publishing
61.75 TL (only in Turkish for now but English translation coming soon)
Available at your favorite bookstore (including Minoa) or online

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