Happy birthday Canım Istanbul!

Today is a very special day.

It’s Canim Istanbul’s 1st birthday.


Girl holding a sparkling candle for Canım Istanbul's 1st birthday

One year.
9000 subscribers (like you).
16000 Facebook fans.
94 newsletters (in 2 languages).
That’s 94 good discoveries we’ve shared with you because we liked them and thought you’d like them, too.

We wanted to celebrate our first birthday with something special for you. And it’s…

Ta-daa : a new website !

Girl cutting the ribbon to inaugurate Canım Istanbul's new website

In it, you’ll find these 94 articles, which you can search by category (fashion, food, arts, nightlife, neighborhood, etc.). We’ve also put some other cool stuff like our “Canım Music” and “Submit a Canım“.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we will be stopping our newsletter. You can still look forward to our little letters. You’ll just be getting them before everyone else!

Help us grow so we can keep making Canım Istanbul even better:

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