Hane 78: modern design inspired by nature

Girl drinking wine on beautiful Hane 78 wooden table

Hane 78 is in love with wood and it’s rather apparent in their designs, and even their Tophane storefront, which features a wooden frame. Bringing together modern lines with beautifully natural materials, the store works with old oaks aged over 100 years, featuring dining tables with bench seating, cupboards with white lacquered doors, bar stools with colorful upholstery, or tree stumps made into side tables. The unique designs are the work of Ayhan Ada and Seyda Doğan, and everything viewable in the store is available for custom order and redesign according to your needs. If you’re searching for some natural inspiration in your home, Hane 78 is definitely worth a look.

Hane 78 wooden coffee table Hane 78 wooden bench with orange cushion

Hane 78
Tomtom Mahallesi, Boğazkesen Cad. No:78, Beyoğlu – (0212) 245 30 78
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00-18:00; Saturday-Sunday, 9:00-17:00

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