Cup of Joy: Our new favorite coffee shop

Girl working at Cup of Joy, great coffee shop in Bebek

The coffee shop trend had taken Istanbul by storm, with nearly identical shops opening up at every available corner in the city. And we were growing tired of them.

Then came Cup of Joy, a breath of fresh air.

This artisanal coffee shop and micro brewery grinds and brews hand-selected beans from around the world using a variety of brewing techniques. And as expected, their coffee tastes fantastic. They also have a selection of cookies and cakes to accompany their drinks, and these nibbles range from sugar-free quinoa bites to classic cheesecakes.

This truly unique venue has two branches: one in a passageway in Bebek and the second one with some outdoor seating areas in Zorlu. Both Cup of Joy locations serve the needs of freelancers who need some socializing while working on their laptops. The Bebek branch offers breakfast goodies in addition to the nibbles while the Zorlu branch’s offerings are limited to snacks at the moment.

Cup of Joy foto2 Cup of Joy foto1

Cevdet Paşa Cad. No. 53, Bebek – (0212) 263 0006

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