Asri Turşucu: How about them pickles?

Girl hiding behind pickles jars at Asri Tursucu store in Cukurcuma

While going through Çukurcuma from Firuzağa, there is a place on your left that will catch your attention with its colorful jars, 50-60 years old pickles, and warm atmosphere. No trip to Çukurcuma would be complete without a stop here. We like to visit some of the vintage stores around, touch antique goods, stroll around old streets and enjoy a glass of pickle juice.

Asri pickle shop is a place full of historical memories and a lot of different kinds of pickles. The story begins with the store that Asri bey opens in 1913 in Fatih. Did you know, by the way, that the movie Neşeli Günler, which is loved by almost everyone in Turkey, was filmed here?

The pickles displayed in the store consist of 25-30 different kinds of fruit and vegetables, all prepared in Mudanya, not here in Istanbul. Will you dare to try the eggs pickle? If that one sounds too strange, give a try to the almond pickle.

Jar of pickles at Asri Tursucu    Store front of Asri Tursucu

Kuloğlu Mahallesi, Ağa Hamamı Sokak, No 9/A, Beyoğlu – (0212) 244 4724
Asri Turşucu opens just before the weather gets warm and closes when it starts getting cool. You can drop by between 08:30 and 21:30.

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