Peshmare: The Coolest Peshtemal


Early summer shopping with Peshmare's cool Peshtemals

We love traditional Turkish crafts and goodies, but what we love even more is the perfect modernization of such things with complete conservation of methods and techniques while spicing it up with 21st century aesthetics.

Such is the case with Peshmare, a brand that creates unique peshtemals (those traditional towels used in a hammam or a Turkish bath). Each one is handmade in Turkey and features cool and fun prints like the colorful “Calm Your Ananas” or the black-and-white one with “There is sunshine in my soul today” written all over it.

Summer is here and wouldn’t we all love something new and shiny to take on our beach trips this summer? If the answer is yes, and we’re pretty sure it is, click here to see all of Peshmare’s designs.

Peshmare's "Calm Your Ananas" Peshtemal   Peshmare's "Good Vibes" Peshtemal

Peshmare products are available online and at the Lunapark store in Galata on Serdar-ı Ekrem Street.

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