3rd Culture: World cultures gather under one roof in Çukurcuma

Girl laying on bed at 3rd Culture store in çukurcuma

We love you IKEA but sometimes you can be so dull. Luckily, Istanbul’s design industry is booming right now, giving us the chance to discover new stores frequently. We stumbled upon our recent find in Çukurcuma and it left us amazed. Meet 3rd Culture.

Founded by siblings Emre and Zeynep Rende, 3rd Culture is a design store that brings different world cultures together under the same roof. After living in Africa and doing years of traveling, Emre and Zeynep Rende now share their experiences in their own store. While journalist and photographer Emre Rende’s story is reflected through his portraits taken in India, creative director and designer Zeynep Rende shares hers by designing pillows, bags and lampshades inspired by African texture. 3rd Culture uses Samandağ silk together with vibrant African patterns, a perfect example on how they blend world cultures. Every object here represents a deep-rooted tradition and story.

Last but not least: second hand furniture can be maintained and recovered at 3rd Culture.

Inside 3rd Culture store in çukurcuma     Photos and cushions at 3rd Culture çukurcuma

Firuzağa Mah. Çukurcuma Cad. No: 38/2, Beyoğlu – (0545) 967 25 65
Hours: Everyday 10:00 – 19:00

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