Make or break a habit in 21 days with 21 Bracelets

Girls trying to get rid of their bad habits with the help of 21 Bracelets

When trying to break a bad habit, is there anyone who does not feel stuck at one point? We don’t think so. There comes a moment when you can’t resist that burger or cigarette, and go back to day one. In the long run, it is up to you to keep going and we can offer a motivational tool that may give you strength during the tough times. We are talking about 21 Bracelets.

21 Bracelets is based on research conducted in the 1960s that suggests it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. How does it work? Set your goal and put on a bracelet for each day that you achieve this goal. There is a special bracelet for the 21st day. The key point here is that you should not get off track. If you do, you must take off all the bracelets you are wearing and start again.

Day one begins tomorrow. Are you ready?

21 Bracelet claret red color 21 Bracelet gold color

21 Bracelets are available on their website in 14 different colors.
Price: 87 TL


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