Yeldeğirmeni: Istanbul’s new hip area

Illustration of the Yeldeğirmeni Mural Festival

Last month, we told you about Arthere Istanbul, a cafe and art space in Yeldeğirmeni. There is still a lot to discover in Istanbul’s new up-and-coming neighborhood.

Get your cameras ready and take a stroll down from the top of Karakolhane Caddesi. While wandering around the side streets, you will frequently see murals bringing color to the neighborhood. Reminder: if you want to watch artists at work, the Mural Istanbul festival continues until the end of September.

Built in 1895, Notre Dame du Rosaire Church hosts Yeldeğirmeni Sanat, the neighborhood cultural center. Attend events at this renovated historic building. Definitely visit Don Kişot Community House on the parallel street, a local squat, to get a sense of neighborhood solidarity.

Feeling hungry? We recommend Yeldeğirmeni Sanvdiççisi for a quick bite, Mahatma for our vegan friends, Tonton Efendi for falafel, Ahbap Bar for drinks, Sancho Panza to relax, and the central Cafe Mu for people watching.

Cafe Benazio in Yeldeğirmeni

Photo: @anlamarama

Cafe Mu in Yeldeğirmeni


Check out the Mural Istanbul schedule here.
Yeldeğirmeni Sanat: İskele Sokak No. 34 – (0216) 337 0058
Don Kişot Community House: Duatepe Sokak No. 15
Yeldeğirmeni Sandviççisi: Karakolhane Caddesi No. 45/A – (0534) 592 1813
Mahatma Cafe: Karakolhane Caddesi Prof. Dr. Macit Erbudak Sokak No. 50 – (0535) 608 3280
Tonton Efendi: Karakolhane Caddesi No. 50/B
Ahbap Bar: Karakolhane Caddesi No. 37/A
Sancho Panza: Duatepe Sokak No. 29
Cafe Mu: Karakolhane Caddesi No. 46/A – (0216) 337 5357

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