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For some travelers, Paris means much more than the Eiffel Tower, Peru is not all about Machu Picchu and India goes beyond the Taj Mahal. Besides must-see attractions, they also seek local treasures and hidden spots. If you belong to this group, you probably do some serious research before traveling anywhere. Still, sometimes you can’t find enough time or may feel overwhelmed by too many choices. Don’t worry, travel curator Jabiroo is here to help you out.

Going to Barcelona? Jabiroo designs a custom travel plan based on your budget, travel habits and interests. Let’s say you are a foodie, an art lover and a die-hard FC Barcelona fan. Your tailor-made travel plan will include interesting restaurants and exhibitions as well as tickets for a match to enjoy at Camp Nou.

How does Jabiroo work? Visit their website, pay the travel design fee (based on the duration of your trip), then fill out a detailed questionnaire about your budget, interests, transportation preferences and other choices. A customized travel plan will land in your inbox within 72 hours. You may follow or change the plan; in either case Jabiroo can make all the necessary arrangements.

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