Spring fashion in the city

Spring fashion 2016

The most attractive season of Istanbul has arrived! With May around the corner, we can move our offices into the gardens of our 3rd wave coffee shops, or after all those winter days watching the Bosporus through misty windows we can finally go down to the seaside.

It’s also high time to get rid of the gloom in our wardrobes. How? Here are some styling tips for the seasonal trends from our friends at Troppodonna.


Grunge Beauty from the 90s:

Today, the heads of fashion houses are mostly from the generation who had the best of their youth during the 90s. So it is normal for those who reach the top to beam us up to a 90s grunge music video.  Pair a Levi’s 501 CT with a tartan shirt and the background music Bush’s Swallowed. For shoes we can’t think of anything else but Vans. And accessories? Of course a backpack and a choker necklace…

levis 501 checked shirt headphones

vans backpackMavi Gümüş Rengi Küpebandana


Shoulders Play the Lead:

Fashion designers assign a new décolleté area for each season, and this summer it’s the shoulders. We used to see them a lot in the Brazilian soap operas. An off the shoulder dress with a pair of wedges. Did someone say Milagros?

Image2  self portraitOPI

Image3  14K Gold Hoop Earrings   zara shoes


Nightgowns Are Leaving the House: 

When the fashion houses were designing their spring 2016 collections, they decided to let the nightgowns out of the darkness of the bedrooms and set them free. Eggshell or black lace, delicate nightgown dresses are one of the most chic outfits for summer nights. But you need to mix it with something contrary to match it to street style; a military jacket or a pair of sneaker would do it.

T by Alexander Wang   Atelier a'lette   mango

Image4     154015009_product_1   agraf vakkorama


Most Vibrant Colors of the Summer: 

For summer we always love to get energized with the help of vibrant colors. This time it is oranges and greens. But it’s usually a good idea to leave this pop of color to our accessories. Metallics such as gold and silver are also trending high. Tropical patterns, a boho attitude, batik dyes, rainbow stripes, and macramé type knitted wear are waiting for you at the summer displays.

Image6  isabel marant   linda farrowaurelie bidermann 1  christian louboutin  chloe bag   YSL

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