Sena Runa’s Colorful Artworks

Girl mixes with Sena Runa's paper heart

We all dream about leaving our somewhat unsatisfactory jobs to embark on an adventure – whether it’s opening a coffee shop, becoming a photographer or starting your own jewelry brand. In Sena Runa‘s case it was paper quilling, a little-known form of art that results in fantastic pieces of color, pattern and form.

Once an HR specialist, now a full-time artist, Sena came upon paper quilling as she was looking for a new hobby to fill her spare time. She began experimenting with different shapes and designs and soon discovered there was a dormant talent waiting to be unleashed. And unleash she did, quickly starting to create a variety of designs from hearts, cameras, and planes to combining quilling with drawings and other forms of art.

All of her pieces (she has nearly 40) come beautifully framed and are meant as wall décor or tabletop accessory. So if you’re looking for a gift or simply want to add some life to your house, we highly suggest you check out her work.

Frame of dancer made of paper      Little Prince made of paper by Sena Runa

Sena’s beautiful crafts are sold through Etsy and her own website (which again links to the Etsy page). You might not always see a product on sale because she often creates based on requests. Due to her busy schedule, she can’t create new designs from scratch at the moment but she can personalize (ex: add names) her already-existing designs.

Click here to see her past works and here to contact her.

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