5 places that bring health and taste together

5 restaurants that are healthy and tasty

There are so many food trends out there and it’s pretty normal if you are feeling confused. We are no experts so we cannot tell you the best one to adopt. All we are sure of is that healthy eating does not have to be boring.

To prove our point, we are suggesting you five places for healthy and tasty eating in the city. Trust us, you don’t even have to give up dessert.


Bi Nevi Deli

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Chickpea pancakes, zucchini noodles or beet burger…Bi Nevi’s healthy creative dishes will smash your prejudices. The extensive menu is suitable for a variety of eating habits including plant-based, gluten-free, raw, paleo, vegan and vegetarian. Are you up for an extraordinary breakfast? Do not miss their brunch offered every Sunday.

If you are in the delivery area, you can order by phone or using the KapGel app. 


Meg Cafe

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Try Meg Cafe for a healthy meal in Nişantaşı. Check their Instagram account to see the daily-changing menu or take a look at the display cabinet to choose from a variety of hot and cold dishes (vegetable and olive oil dishes stand out). They serve sea bass ceviche every Wednesday.

Visit Meg Cafe on your cheat day and order a cookie shot. Yummy.


Masum Mutfak

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This vegetarian cafe’s name (meaning the innocent kitchen) is self-explanatory, as Masum Mutfak only serves pesticide-free food without preservatives. Indulge in their daily-changing olive oil dishes and refined sugar free desserts for a light meal. They also have an extensive breakfast menu.

Bonus: dishes can be adapted for vegans.



Lütfiye foto

Lutfiye is not only a cafe, it is also a family-run organic food brand from Amasra. At their Çiftehavuzlar branch (the only one in Istanbul), you can find their delicious additive-free jams and marmalades, popular among regulars. We also recommend oven-baked zucchini patties and their homemade ice cream.


Lutfiye’s organic hazelnut spread is our top choice, a taste not to miss.


Craft Kitchen

Craft Kitchen foto

Build your own dish in three steps. First, choose one among the four: burrito, taco, plate or salad. Then add fat-free tandoori-style veal or turkey, grilled meatballs or chicken or roasted vegetables. Finally garnish your food: lentil salad, red cabbage, eggplant puree and hummus are some choices. Ta-da! Your healthy and tasty dish is ready.

At Craft Kitchen you can watch your food being prepared.


Bi Nevi Deli: Dilhayat Sok. No: 10/1 Etiler – (0212) 358 6032

Meg Cafe: Hüsrev Gerede Cad. Teşvikiye Fırın Sok. No: 1/A Nişantaşı – (0212) 261 6168

Masum Mutfak: İcadiye Cad. No: 21 Kuzguncuk Üsküdar – (0216) 201 1481

Lutfiye: Fenerbahçe Mah. Operatör Cemil Topuzlu Cad. No: 12/A Kadıköy – (0216) 386 5931

Craft Kitchen: Maslak Mah. Nazmi Akbacı İş Merkezi No: 3/118 Sarıyer – (0212) 346 1056


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