8 running groups for you

People running along the Bosphorus

No, you’re not imagining. More people are running on the streets. And they aren’t running away from anyone either. More people have realized that going for a run in Istanbul is not only healthy but also an amazing way to truly see the city, requiring not much more than a good pair of running shoes. For those who are interested but don’t know where or how to start, joining an amateur running group may be that little push of encouragement you need. Lucky for you, Istanbul has many.

You can check out Bu Kızlar Nereye Koşuyor or Istanbul Koşu Kuvvetleri for scheduled runs and social events, or try Istrunbul if you’re after something a bit more serious. Alternatively, you can join bigger groups with active forums like Koşuyoruz and Hareket Candır, or even participate in charity through Adım Adım. Finally, brand runs like Adidas Park Run and Nike Run Club events are also organized regularly on both sides of the city.

What are you waiting for? Put on your running shoes, meet new people, and enjoy!

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