Clubbers, please welcome Raw & Kloster

illustration of girl clubbers dancing at Raw or Kloster in Istanbul

Until recently, those of us who love electronic music were feeling a bit left out compared to cities like Berlin as the choice of places to go dancing in to the late hours of the night. This has all changed in recent months since Raw and Kloster made a remarkable entrance in to Istanbul’s nightlife.

With a great location and an underground vibe, Karaköy now has a ‘real’ club: Raw. This place reminds us of the first years of Ortaköy Crystal when it was really at its peak. If you are into techno beats, don’t miss it as they host some famous DJ’s from all over the world on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.

If you had been to Ghetto in the past, then you must remember how beautiful the building and interior design were. Kloster has taken over and now entertains clubbers in this three-floor-plus-terrace building. With the ambitious goal of becoming the best electronic club in İstanbul, Kloster is falling a bit short for now because of their sound system, but the impressive lineup brought from the scenes of Berlin, London and Amsterdam makes up for it.

Clubbers dancing at Istanbul Raw Inside Istanbul club Kloster

Hüseyin Ağa Mahallesi,
Kamer Hatun Caddesi 10, Beyoğlu

Necati Bey Cad. No:66, Karaköy

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