Niquie Wedding: your dreamy wedding gown awaits

Girl wearing a beautiful wedding gown from Niquie Wedding

If you or a friend of yours is planning a bohemian-style, down-to-earth Pinterest-style wedding, you’ll need a gown that’ll fit the unique setting of the ceremony. In that case, we’re here to recommend Niquie Wedding, where you’ll find the perfect wedding gown that you’ve been looking for to match the ceremony of your dreams.

At Niquie Wedding, designers get their inspiration from rustic and beach weddings, and create elegant and unique gowns for the bride (as well as dresses for the bridesmaids and guests) using top-quality, 100% silk. Each gown is handmade, and each designers’ goal is to create one-of-a-kind gowns that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. So once the question is popped, you know where to go!

Niquie Wedding Ivy dressNiquie Wedding Caroline dress

Niquie Wedding
Niquie works by appointment and also makes custom designs upon request. To see the permanent collection (new styles are added frequently), visit their Maçka showroom: Maçka Talim Yeri Sok. 8/1, Maçka; T: (0212) 259 6130

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