istrapped: can you escape from that room?

girl trying to solve riddles in istrapped escape game

How about the excitement from escaping a room? And no, this is not a video game that we’re talking about. It’s just like in the movies or in the video games, but it’s for real now. The door slowly closes behind you. You are suddenly enclosed within a room containing numerous locked doors. All you need to do is find the clues, combine and use them to help you solve the final puzzle – the key to escape. Using real objects to solve puzzles and open doors, you will feel like you’re the lead character in a detective movie for REAL. But don’t forget, you only have one hour! Escape games are hot in Istanbul and Istrapped is one of the best, so it’s becoming harder to find empty slots. Make sure to reserve before you go.

Lock with key in istrapped escape game     Box that needs to be opened during istrapped escape game

Asmalı Mescit Cad. 29/3 Beyoğlu – (0212) 244 2546
Kuloğlu Mahallesi Erol Dernek Sokak no:7/1 Beyoğlu – (0212) 244 7636

Hours: 9:00 – 0:00 (every day)
Price for two: 100 TL

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