A manicure that comes to your desk

Girl getting a manicure at her office

If you don’t know how to give yourself a manicure or, more likely, you don’t have time to do it before or after work, we have a nice one for you. How about we introduce you to a specialist who will come to your office, give you a manicure and get you back to your desk with beautiful, ‘womanly’ hands? And did you know the best way to dry your nail polish is by typing on your computer?

This was what Müge Meydan, an ex-corporate worker, was thinking when she founded iştemanikür. When she decided to become her own boss, she knew very well how working women didn’t have the time for this little luxury. So she wanted a system that worked fast, was steady and was practical: iştemanikür is set-up for you and your co-workers by your firm’s HR department. All you have to do is go to their website, make an appointment and pay with your credit card. Last but not least, they use Mavala products.

iştemanikür (turkish only) – Prices start at 19 TL

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