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It’s the beginning of the month, the time our friend çizenbayan shares her live music picks with you. Be sure to listen to the featured artists on the Canım Istanbul SoundCloud.


cizenbayan Babylon'da

Fall has arrived, schools have opened, and Istanbul is back to its usual crowded self. The weather got cold pretty quickly and we made a fast entry into fall. So let’s take a look at what’s happening in October and who we’ll be listening to…

Let’s start with the news:

Anjelique is one of the most established nightclubs of Istanbul and it has an enviable location on the Bosphorus. This year, Anjelique’s décor and concept went through a major change. I had lost interest in Anjelique for some time now but I’m curious to see who’ll be playing there this year. September 30th and October 1st marks their celebratory opening weekend and Aksak, Ali Kuru, Kaan Düzarat, Tufan Demir, Yang & Elif Tanverdi will be playing on Friday while Doruk Güralp & Tolga Duyan, Görkem Çay and Serhat Demiral will take control on Saturday.

Ortaköy was once a top neighborhood for partying but it had lost its appeal with Beyoğlu becoming the center for entertainment. I don’t know if there’ll be a return to the past; we’ll have to wait and see. Anjelique’s October line-up wasn’t announced as I was writing these lines so I suggest you keep an eye out for that.

Feeling Finn

A piece of news from Karaköy… Feeling Finn is an event series reserved for Thursdays for those who want to sip cocktails, listen to music, and dance in the middle of the week. Ah Gülnihal on October 6th, Mert Çetinkaya on October 13th, Özgür Bay on October 20th, and YANG on October 27th will be behind the DJ booth. Warm-ups will be by the co-creator of the party – me!

Indigo will open the season with Adriatique and Alican on September 30th and Locked Groove, Aera and İlker Aksungar will be there on October 1st to start off the month. I missed indigo the most during the summer, I must say 🙂



Salon started the season with Battles concerts for two nights in a row – both of which were sold out. October 1st will host Kalben, who touches our heart with her beautiful voice and lyrics. Tickets would probably run out so hurry if you want to be there.

October 1st looks like it will be filled with concerts and events. Here are other suggestions:

Those who love Turkish rock shouldn’t miss Rock Off at Volkswagen Arena. Duman, Ceylan Ertem, Pinhani, Adamlar and Sahte Rakı will be there.

in hoodies

in hoodies

Nevizade Canlı Sahne will have In Hoodies performing. I have yet to see them live and I’m certainly looking forward to catching one of their performances soon.

The second day of the first Mix Festival at Zorlu PSM will host Oi Va Voi, Ceza,  Mode XL, Aksak with their Turkish edits, and many more.

İlhan Erşahin will be at Babylon while the last dance (season finale) will take place at Suma with a major crowd. The party will start on Saturday night and will continue until Sunday night. The names include:  Shaun Reeves, Priku, Maher Daniel, Ali Kuru, Arman Akıncı, Batu, Birgay, Canberk, Cengiz Can, Chickenez, Eren Eren, Evrim de Evrim, Feyza, Just D, M-In & Zozo, Marlo, Misipipi, Mr. Sür, Rubsilent, Sallı, Sertaç & Lilly.

Photo of Yang & Elif Tanverdi (cizenbayan)

Yang & Elif Tanverdi

I will be at Kiki as Yang & Elif Tanverdi. We’ll probably head over to Suma once we’re done playing there! Saturday will be a long night, but we’ll manage to survive and even save some energy for Sunday.

Soft Rocks Sunday Party will be at Luzia in Arnavutköy on Sunday, October 2nd.

The Sundaze event series, which launched last Sunday, will be taking place every Sunday and it looks like the event will quickly gain regulars. Sundaze takes place at Nola, a Mediterranean restaurant that was once a car park in Galata. Designer stands will be filling up the space during the day and afternoons will be filled with music. The event will last until 11pm and entrance is with fruits! On Sunday, October 2nd Melez Tea, Homemade Aromaterapi, NOTT, Liff, Juico, Vozmos and The North Fox will be among the designers who’ll set up shop at Sundaze. Eren Eren and Ugur Project will be at the DJ booth.

Garden Sale poster

Another option for October 1st-2nd is Garden Sale (a design, music, shopping festival) at Küçükçiftlik Park.

Klein started the season on September 23rd and its younger brother Flamme is kicking off the season as well. Big names will be at Flamme every Wednesday, starting with Medlar. If you love dancing and disco, note it down!

Lucy Rose sings and plays the guitar

Lucy Rose

6 Ekim Perşembe naif sesiyle brit pop sevenlerin gönlüne taht kuran Lucy Rose Babylon’un konuğu.

6 Ekim Perşembe gecesi, her Perşembe olduğu gibi günlerden Perşembe oluşunu kutlayacağımız Feeling Finn’de New Speak’in medaharı iftiharı İzmir’den Ah Gülnihal kabinde olacak!

Kwabs laughing


Kwabs, known for their strong voice, experimental Soul & Gospel style will be at Babylon.

Don’t miss your chance to dance with Art Department at Klein on that same night.

Stimming in forest


8 Ekim Cumartesi, sentetik seslerin hakim olduğu techno-house camiasında, organik seslerle elektronik ritim ve alt yapıyı ustaca buluşturan müzikal deha Stimming indigo’da olacak. Ben de en önde dans ediyor olacağım!

On Saturday, October 8th, Stimming will be at indigo. In the land of techno-house where synthetic sounds reign, Stimming merges organic sounds with electronic rhythms. I’ll be at on the frontline dancing!



The 26th Akbank Jazz Festival will take place between October 12th and 23rd. A detailed guide for the festival will arrive in your mailboxes soon. For now, just mark the 13th on your calendar when Gevende will be at Moda Sahnesi.

On October 15th, we’ll get a chance to listen to Liima, a project by Danish Efterklang and Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö. On the same night, Baikal will be performing at indigo.



On October 21st, Imany, who is one of the most important names of the Akbank Jazz Festival and a strong vocalist following the footsteps of her idols Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, will be at Volkswagen Arena.

On Friday, October 21stPBR Streetgang promises a night of house at Klein, which will probably be one of the most popular venues in Beyoğlu again this year.

On Saturday, October 22nd, Norwegian Finebassen will be at indigo. Istanbulites love Finebassen, so I suggest you get your tickets asap.



Midnight Sessions took off last year when Babylon moved to its Bomonti location. As part of the series, Xinobi from Portugal will be there with nu disco on October 28th with a dj set and a live performance.

On that same night, the trio Infinity Ink will be performing live at Klein.

We’ll bring an end to October on the 29th with &Me, a great name from German record label Keinemusik, at indigo.

See you in November!


Check out our October concerts playlist here. 

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