HoliFest: A Day of Food, Fun, and Color

Canim girl is splashed with color by an elephant

We’ve all seen people splashed with color on Facebook and other social media channels and wondered what it was all about. It was most likely a Holi Festival event where people get together to, well, splash themselves with color while celebrating Radha’s love for Krishna.

This super fun Indian tradition has now come to Istanbul, bringing some much-needed color to our lives. Starting out at 2pm on Saturday, April 16th at LifePark, the event will include delicious Indian food, henna workshops, Indian dance shows, Indian clothing and accessories, DJ performances, and dance. And there will obviously be ample time to color your friends!

So if you feel like you could use some fun and color in your life, head to Holi Fest and spice up your day.

Holi Fest foto3

Holi Fest foto1    Holi Fest foto2

Tickets and further information are available here.

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