Forestanbul: adventure in Kemerburgaz

Girl sliding on rope from tree to tree at Forestanbul

Are you a Survivor fan who has always wondered how you’d do on the show? You’re in luck. You can now put yourself to the test at Forestanbul the Adventure Park.

Far from the chaos of the city, this 65.000 m2 forest located in Kemerburgaz is a sanctuary filled with adventures for kids and adults. In addition to the challenges set for you at the adventure park – sliding on ropes from one tree to another like Tarzan, walking on rope bridges like Indiana Jones, climbing steep ladders like Spider Man – you get to pick from many other activities such as Paintball, Archery, Riding, Go Cart Bikes and a Giant Swing to name a few.

If you are a family looking to do something other than go to the mall for entertainment, a corporation in need of team-building, a work-out buff who’d like to spice up her routine, a couple who wants to reconnect over a romantic picnic, or if you’d simply like to reboost by getting some fresh air and tranquility, Forestanbul is waiting for you.

Woman having fun in the trees at Forestanbul     Archery at Forestanbul

Kurt Kemeri Mesire Yeri, Mithatpaşa Mh., Davutpaşa Cd., Kemerburgaz, Eyüp 34075 – (0212) 444 5867
Hours: 9:00 – 19:00
If interested in Adventure Park, Paintball and Orienteering, make sure to reserve your space for the activity on their website before you arrive

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