Our favorite Istanbul stationary brands

Girl ripping apart a notebook from Happily Ever After

We don’t need a good reason to buy stationary; for us it is simply a therapy. Whether from the neighborhood shop or a huge chain store, shopping for stationery is like a free ticket to wonderland. Of course we have our favorite brands in Istanbul and today we are glad to share them with you.

İki Satır Stationart

 ikisatir biajanda

As the name says, İki Satır sees stationary as an art form and honors its colorful nature. Their weekly diary biajanda can make 2016 our most organized year yet. Biajanda 2016 has four different cover designs and comes with words of motivation: everyday is a new day, a new blank piece of paper to write on.

Happily Ever Paper

 Happily Ever After stationary

Innovative may be the best word to define Happily Ever Paper, where each notebook has a unique purpose and idea behind. Mission Possible from the new collection, for instance, is our recent source of motivation. Write down your daily tasks and after you complete them, tear off the perforated pieces to see motivational sentences.

Kağıthane (House of Paper)

 Kağıthane foto1    Kağıthane foto2

Paper is not just paper; it also means design, imagination and even humor. Kağıthane (meaning House of Paper in English) is “the” shop if you are after local and original stationary. We are in love with their Istanbul themed products. Our favorite is notebooks featuring classic Turkish duos such as simit-tea, rakı-white cheese and Turkish coffee-baklava.

Paper Street Co.

 Stationary from Paper Street Co

Paper Street Co. aims to leverage emotions in today’s digital world and make your happiest moments even more special. We adore their postcards designed by professional and amateur illustrators. You can also create a digital postcard on their website. Paper Street Co. will send it to your loved one in the nostalgic way, with its stamp and envelope.

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