Express Your Love in Turkish Sign Language

DEM NGO's Turkish Sign Language program

Let’s admit it. Even though we live in a city of 15 million people, it can be easy for us to get lost in our own world.  Now more than ever we need to understand each other’s differences. So we’d like to introduce you to DEM Dernek, an NGO executing social responsibility projects.

With empathy at its core, each year DEM raises awareness for a social issue with a theme, and the theme for 2015-2016 is: Empathy with the Deaf. How is DEM planning to increase public awareness on this issue? By “Signing Love.”

Organized every few months, DEM’s event Sign Your Love is composed of six sections. The first one, Welcome, gives you information about the set-up. You learn to express your love in Turkish Sign Language at the second section. Next, your message is recorded and edited at sections three and four, Record and Edit. Meanwhile, you can drink something at the fifth section, Café, and learn more about Turkish Sign Language and culture. Finally, you will receive your video from the last section, Gift.

C’mon, check it out. That would be a good way to start your New Year’s resolutions.

Girl being filmed for DEM's Sign your Love program    Two participants of DEM NGO's Sign your Love program

DEM Dernek
You can follow DEM’s Facebook page to learn more about their upcoming events and courses. DEM gives Turkish Sign Language courses since November.
Mühürdar Cad. Hacı İzzet Sk. Mühürdaroğlu Apt. No: 15A Moda, Kadıköy – (0216) 330 90 99

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