davetçokelbisemyok: Too many parties… not enough dresses!

Girl checking her list before going to davetcokelbisemyok.com

Oh my god, what am I going to wear at Sibel’s party tomorrow? And what about Aylin’s wedding next week? Let’s be honest, we’ve all panicked at least once because of the multiple party invites that our dressing, even as well-stocked as it is, cannot fully match. Thankfully, our fashion specialist has found THE solution: it’s called davetçokelbisemyok (literally: too many parties not enough dresses).

Instead of buying a different mid-range dress for each occasion, here you can rent high-end dresses from designers such as Machesa or Diane Von Furstenberg, just to name a few. With their wide selection ranging from cocktail dresses to party dresses, it will be easy for you to find THE dress to perfectly match THE event. And guess what: not only does davetçokelbisemyok conveniently deliver your dream dress to you by cargo, they also offer matching bags and accessories!

Check out their website and don’t hesitate to book an appointment at their Bebek showroom to try on their dresses and see in the mirror who will be the most gorgeous girl tonight…

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Küçük Bebek Cad., Çınar Apt.No:16 Daire :1, Bebek – (0212) 265 39 83 or (0549) 763 36 35
info@davetcokelbisemyok.com to book an appointment (website is in Turkish only)

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