Cappadox: A Different Kind of Festival

Cappadox illüstrasyon

Imagine meditating, trekking, and listening to incredible music in a place that is a captivating mix of nature and man-made works of otherworldly architecture. That’s exactly what you’ll get at the second Cappadox Festival set to be held between May 19-22.

Cappadocia’s vast landscape of valleys, plateaus, mountains, ancient monasteries, and the most bizarre rock formations will become a hub for art, music, outdoor activities, spirituality, and food, providing you with that much-needed escape from the city.

The program of this year’s Cappadox will feature various meditation sessions (such as pranayama and sound), yoga classes, nature walks, food tastings, picnics as well as concerts by local and international artists like İlhan Erşahin, Gevende, Adam Hurst, and Udi Yervant. A contemporary art exhibition, curated by Fulya Erdemci, featuring works of local and international artists, including Ayşe Erkmen, Murat Germen, Maider Lopez, and John Körmeling, will be showcased in various locations until June 12th.

Cappadox Foto    Dhafer Youssef Quartet

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