The sharing economy meets literature lovers: Bookserf and Fahrenheit451

Girls sharing books with each other

In an exhausting and expensive city like Istanbul, we frequently need sharing economy apps to help us out (remember Volt app we mentioned recently). Today’s suggestion is especially for literature lovers.

If you complain about book prices but want to read more, let us introduce book sharing site Bookserf. Just click here to choose the book you want to borrow and contact its owner. Set a date, meet, talk about literature and life and bring the book back in two weeks. You can create a profile on Bookserf to share your library as well. Keep in mind that there are only foreign language books on the website so far.

Another beautiful outcome of the sharing culture is Galata’s recycling store Fahrenheit451, a heaven for those who are interested in second hand books. Try a blind date with a book if you are up for some mystery. A book is wrapped with a list of descriptive words written on, waiting for you to get discovered.

Shelves of books and cameras at Fahrenheit451 Recycling store Screenshot of Bookserf website

Bookserf web site

Fahrenheit 451 Recycling Store: Şahkulu Mah. Şahkulu Sk. Robert Han Apt. No:11/B, Tünel – (0542) 803 71 25
Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00

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