Bingöl Bal Pazarı: Honey every day keeps the doctor away

Bingol bal pazari

This year, Istanbul is witnessing severe winter. Wanna know our secret to avoid getting sick? It’s called Bingöl Bal Pazarı, in Üsküdar, and thanks to their tips and products, we feel pretty strong to face the cold weather.

Dating back 47 years, Bingöl Bal Pazarı sells three types of honey: flower honey from Bingöl, karakovan (natural comb honey) from Pervari district of Siirt, and chestnut honey from Artvin. Every morning, you can have a spoonful of karakovan honey on an empty stomach to prevent illness. Bingöl Bal Pazarı also has royal jelly to increase mental and physical strength as well as pekmez (grape molasses) from Elazığ for overcoming anemia.

Our favorite is their special mixture of ginger, turmeric, black cumin, nettle seeds and pollen, which treats coughing and bronchitis. This natural energy booster can make you feel like a superhero and motivate you to get out of bed on cold winter days.

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Selman Ağa Çeşme Sk. No:1, Üsküdar – (0216) 334 6931
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 08:00-20:00

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