Azir Miza: sunglasses made of oak tree wood

Girl hugging a tree and wearing Azir Miza sunglasses made of oak wood

If you are on the hunt for a pair of sunglasses you should have a look at Azir Miza. Designed by Hazım Gözlükçü (the name translates to “Glass Maker” in Turkish – Hazım’s family were the first glass-makers of the Turkish Republic back in the 1920’s), Azir Miza is a five year old brand. What makes this brand unique is the fact that the frames of their glasses are hand made from oak tree wood, a rarity on the market.

Hazım personally puts together panels of oak wood with a technique named “lamination”. Then he adds oak tree oil instead of varnish to maintain a natural feel and give them a nice smell. The glasses are completed with a pair of colorful lenses that make a great contrast with oak wood frames. Sunglasses made out of wood… who would have thought, uh?

Azir Miza güneş gözlüğü

Azir Miza
Sold at the Azir Miza corner at Fashion at Eye Boutique: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mh., Fransız Gç 9, Karaköy
Hours: every day 11:00–19:00
You can also contact Hazım directly to buy regular or custom-made sunglasses.
Prices: 450 – 650 TL

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