Arthere: a new kind of art space

Hem kafe hem sanat atölyesi

Part NGO, part cafe, and part atelier, Arthere Istanbul brings new breath to the cultural scene of Kadıköy. Owned by chemist and photographer French-Syrian Omar Berakdar and collectively operated by its in-house artists, Arthere is a creative space where food, art, and conversation are continuously invented and experimented with.

Its location in the thriving Yeldeğirmeni area opened at the beginning of the year, and since then it has become a home for struggling artists from all walks of life; including Syrian refugees, Americans, and locals. It’s not a traditional art space and as such there are no exhibitions. All the art is showcased around the venue, which you get to sit by and stare at as you sip your spicy Syrian coffee and nibble on homemade croissant, all prepared by the artists themselves.

If you like an art piece, you can speak to the artist who made it, who is most likely upstairs working on a new piece or sitting across from you chatting with soon-to-become-friends visitors.

Arthere foto1     Arthere foto2

Arthere Istanbul
Rasimpaşa Mh, Beydağı Sk (Feritbey Sk.) Bina 3 Güçlü Han, Block 1-2, Kadıköy – (0538) 0867 691
Each month workshops and free events, from live music performances to literary talks, take place at the venue and are announced on their website and Facebook page.

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