Antica Locanda: The Best Italian in Istanbul

Antica Locanda, bir Arnavutköy klasiği

Good Italian is hard to come by in this city. But there is one that we absolutely love.

Antica Locanda has been around for five years now, and has become sort of our classic Italian getaway in the city. It’s a mix of chic, classy, warm and upscale, with food that is always bursting with flavor. This wonderful Arnavutköy venue is owned by Italian Chef Gian Carlo Talerico and his Turkish wife Beldan Erkkul. The food is typical Italian, but includes specialties from all around the country, with a menu that offers a fair mix of pastas, pizzas, salads, and mains, and changes seasonally. Best way to enjoy Antica Locanda? Go with your family and order to share.

And make sure you reserve the tiny outdoor seating area in the back, overlooking the garden of the church next door. You really can’t find a more peaceful and quiet spot than this in the city!

Antica Locanda foto1  Antica Locanda foto2

Satış Meydanı No: 12, Arnavutköy – (0212) 287 97 45
Closed on Mondays. 

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