Manu Atelier: leather from father to daughter(s)

Girl hides inside Manu Atelier's leather goods

Manu Atelier founders Merve and Beste Manastır are two very lucky sisters. The leather goods and bags shop may have materialized only a year ago, but their passion for leather and their craftsmanship was inherited from their visionary father who founded the Beyoğlu shop Yeşim Çanta in the 1960s. The chic reputation of Yeşim Çanta drew all the stylish ladies of Turkish Cinema at the time. Merve and Beste are continuing in the footsteps of their father by hiring the same exquisitely skilled craftsmen in Beyoğlu, where the magic has been happening for all these years.

Merve ve Beste Manastır kız kardeşler

You can find their elegant designs in every V2k and Vakkorama store in Istanbul, Ankara, and İzmir.
Follow their Instagram page to get inspired daily, and check their website to see their collection of exquisitely designed leather accessories.

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